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BPS Bioscience Offers Immunotherapy Cell Lines for Rent
try before you buy!
NEW QuickSwitch™ Custom Tetramer Kits from MBL International
Fast, High-Quality Generation of New Tetramer Specificities:
• Create custom tetramers in 4 hours
• No UV or Tetramization required
• Quantify peptide exchange
• Select ready-to-use tetramer in PE, APC, or BV421
• Identify antigen-specific T cells to your antigens of interest
NEW: ExoCapTM Exosome Isolation Kits for Serum, Plasma and Cell Culture Media
targets specific antigens for purification of a defined exosome population, intact exosomes can be eluted preserving internal cargo
HDAC panel AND an immunotherapy Screening Panel Promotion!
including free controls.
End of Year SALES!
ONE-Step™ Luciferase Assay System